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Fic: Good Game - Glee - Blaine/Kurt/Finn

I wrote this for a glee_kink_meme prompt that stuck in my head. These are probably meant to be little quick drabble fills but I went crazy. It's really filthy threesome dubcon with Kurt, Blaine and Finn. WHAT. They're only step-brothers, ok? Everyone thinks it's cute at the end of Clueless, so.

*By the way, is it any coincidence that the day I was to start writing the porn part of this, the universe gave us this photo? No, no it is not.*

6,500 words, hard hard hard NC-17, I am not kidding.

Finn/Kurt/Blaine, 3some, sorta-incest, *maybe* dub-con
Finn and Blaine develop a weird sort of friendship over time. It sorta starts out with Finn warning this new guy against hurting his new little brother, and then the two of them get to talking. Kurt's been confiding in Finn about his feelings for Blaine, and confiding in Blaine that he's still not totally over Finn -- and due to his blatant honesty, he's not getting any from *anyone* at the moment. Finn and Blaine decide to do something about it.

They sorta ambush him in some situation where the three of them can be alone for a while, and let him know that he doesn't really have to choose. He should be reluctant/resistant at first, but then gradually give in, as the two of them together totally ravish him.

It should be all focused on Kurt. Blaine/Finn should be totally in control, and Kurt should be submissive, needy, vulnerable, totally being reassured and soothed and fawned over by the two older boys. Lots of affection/reassurance, very loving type encounter between the three of them.

“Game? Blaine?” Finn tries to sound nonchalant as he yells, pacing by the door at the top of Kurt’s stairs for about the thirtieth time hoping to get Blaine’s attention. He doesn’t want to push and he definitely doesn’t want to go down there because who knows what he might get an eyeful of and he won’t be making that mistake again. But he really really really doesn’t want to watch a game this big alone, and Blaine’s the closest thing to a dude in the house, since Burt and his mom went to tailgate and stay with some friends at State.

Kurt rolls his eyes from his hovering position, inches from Blaine’s neck, arms locked on either side of Blaine’s shoulders and just starting to make some progress, or so he thought, on getting his knee between Blaine’s thighs. Blaine snorts and pushes up against him, giving Kurt what is obviously a dismissive kiss and trying to extricate himself from the bed.

“Fine.” Kurt seethes a bit, rolling off him all at once and turning on the ball of his foot. “Go, go play jocks and straps with Finn, see if I care. I’ll just be here decoupaging something, maybe watching Sean Cody videos...” Blaine snorts again, but gives Kurt a look like he’s trying to figure out if he’s serious about the porn.

He knows he’ll be paying for this for a while, but it’s not a real argument. It’s the latest silly round of get-to-know-your-boyfriend’s-family-under-holiday-duress, and he and Kurt seem to be playing by a totally different book. Blaine likes hanging out with Finn, and he likes football, both facets of his personality that Kurt seems to have a disdain for. He has managed to convey, through a series of metaphors about Paris, opera, and the difference between off the rack and couture, the importance of this game, this game above all others, in a way that he thought was satisfactory to earn him a day pass to the man cave with Finn, guilt and pout free, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I’ll come down during halftime,” Blaine promises with a squeeze, his hand lingering around Kurt’s waist where he is bent over on his bed, getting out his laptop to put on some Gaga remixes.

“Mmmmm hmmmmm,” Kurt intones, ignoring him and opening his Paris planning spreadsheet.


“So, you and’s that...going?” What on earth is this awkwardness, Blaine thinks? Then thinks it’s kind of sweet, then wonders if he’s about to get some kind of misguided big-brotherly lecture from this kid.

“’s, good? I guess? I like him and he likes me, so...was there a particular concern, Finn?”

“No. Just...good. I’m glad you’re better at staying together than me, apparently.”

“I’m the gay one and you’re the one that wants to talk about relationships during the Ohio State/Michigan game...I’m just saying.”

“Well I never see was like they got married and then, boom, he left with you. And I just wonder. Like, how he is. We went through a lot together before, you know?”

“ mean like, he had a crush on you....he told me that.”

“He did? Wow...uh, sorry. That’s...weird.”

“No, no it’s good. We’re very honest with each other. We feel it’s important...yeah, he definitely told me he had...a lot of feelings, for you.”

“Yeah, he did. I’m glad he has moved...I mean I’m glad he’s with you. And it’s all cool, we’re like, like brothers now. That was before our parents were dating, or whatever. I mean, he started all that...because of me, I guess.”


“Do you want a beer?” Finn gets up, fidgety, crosses the rec room to the bar and grabs a pint glass. “I’m allowed one on game days, and if Burt were here he’d offer you one too, as long as we’re not driving...”

Blaine’s still swimmy and trying to figure out what Finn just meant. A beer will help that, sure.

“Yeah, uh...sure. Finn, what did you say, that last thing?”

Finn grimaces and concentrates on the glass he is pouring, tilting and readjusting to get the beer poured just right. He has done this before. He sets down the first one and picks up a second.

“Just...I mean, yeah, it was his idea. He introduced them. I think because he wanted to be around me more. I don’t know...that sounds weirder than it is. It was a nice thing to do for his dad, really. And it’s a small town...they would have met eventually...probably.”

Finn hands Blaine a glass of dark amber beer. “It’s a local craft brew, Christmas thing” he explains. Blaine is still processing. He takes a sip of his beer and it smells like...something from Hogsmeade, he thinks, distantly. Spicy. It’s good. Way better than the cans of watery piss the Dalton boys occasionally smuggle in from town and chug in their rooms after curfew.

“Does Kurt drink this?” Blaine blurts out, just trying to start his brain again.

“Only champagne,” Finn shakes his head, staring at the pre-game ruckus on the tv. “New Year’s Eve and Oscar night.”

“So wait.” Blaine can’t let this go. “Kurt had such a thing for you...he set your parents up on a date...and now they’re married?”

Finn shrugs through a big gulp of his beer. “Kurt...he has a way of getting what he wants, you know? I mean look at you guys. He got Dalton, he got you, you guys are going to Paris in the spring...he does get what he wants. I mean, I’m glad he didn’t let me get in the way of...I mean, he couldn’t...I mean I’m not gay, but.” He trails off and now Blaine has forgotten completely what game they’re watching.

“...but? but what? I didn’t think there was a but in that statement...not for guys like you.” Finn is flustered, but Blaine can’t help himself. I mean what the fuck.

“Rachel gave me this book...I don’t know, she said I needed to understand Kurt better, and learn about myself too. You know, Kinsey stuff?” Blaine spits actual droplets into the foamy head on his beer, wiping his arm across his mouth in case he made a mess.

“Oh my god...” Blaine begins slowly, but Finn’s cheeks are pink and he has zoned in on the tv again. Blaine raises his eyebrows to himself, shaking his head slowly. Thank god, it’s time for kickoff.


There’s a lot of yelling and male-bonding and high-fiving. The Game is NOT disappointing and they’re completely rapt in it, clapping and cheering and shouting Terrelle Pryor’s name like he’s their personal savior. Blaine’s favorite Buckeye for other reasons, Devin Barclay, gets two gorgeous field goals and is so fucking hot Blaine thinks he may need to excuse himself for a moment...what, he has a type, ok? Blaine pounds the rest of his beer and high-fives Finn, and wow, Finn is kind of that type, too. Huh. Ok, definitely no more beer for me, Blaine thinks.


It’s 24-7 at the half.


Blaine rustles down the steps to Kurt's room and tackles him, full body contact, holding him to the mattress and nuzzling into his neck. Kurt feigns annoyance at first but he can’t keep up the disinterested act when he feels Blaine is sort of hard, and sort of rubbing up against him.

“Um...good football game?” Kurt grins, pulling and flipping Blaine down where he can get to him and kiss him.

“Mmmmmmm....very good game. We are winning...we are drinking beer, haha...” Blaine giggles and Kurt groans, “I thought I smelled straight guy on you. Ew.”

“Hmph,” Blaine mumbles, fussing at Kurt’s collar a bit and brushing a finger over his cheek. “Like Finn?” he ventures, straining his neck up to grab Kurt’s lip roughly between his teeth before Kurt can protest it.

“Not funny,” Kurt of course leers at him through his pulled lip, then draws away and looks cautiously down at Blaine. “Wait...why did you just say that?”

“Finn is chatty before football games...I was as surprised as you, believe me...” Blaine whispers, a little hoarse from the beer and being flat on his back. His eyes feel heavy so he lets them close for a second, only to be shaken back to the room by a pretty pissed off looking Kurt, still straddling his hips.

“What do you mean? What did he say to you? God, Blaine, this is why I don’t exactly love you hanging out with him...he’s dumb and kind of dangerous, of course this would happen.”

Blaine pulls his hands out from under Kurt thighs where they were trapped and settles them on his hips. “I kinda...” he begins, in a hushed tone. Kurt cocks an anxious eyebrow and holds his breath. “I kinda got a vibe from him, Kurt. I dunno, it was weird. He was asking...things about us. Like he wanted to know if it was serious, and if you’re ‘over him’...weird, right?”

“What?? What does that even mean?? Over him?? What a fucking...” Kurt looks ashen and a little ill as he rolls off of Blaine, his knee digging somewhat painfully into Blaine’s hip as shoves away from the bed. Blaine reaches out and grabs him by the arm just in time to stop a full on flounce, but not in time to miss the obvious tears welling up in Kurt’s eyes.

“Hey...hey, come back here. Look, brutal honesty has served us well so far. If you’re not over him, you’re not over him. I just...I really care about you, too, you know. I just need to know where I stand. And I want you to be with me because you want to be with me, not just because you can’t have him.” Kurt twists his wrists away and covers his face in his hands, grumbling through his fingers, “I can’t believe this is happening...why can’t my life just be normal? Ever?”

“Because we’re in high school and nothing is ever normal in high school. Babe, I’m sorry, I know this is heavy for halftime, happened. I don’t know if he’s jealous of me, or what...but maybe you have more to figure out with him than you think you do.” Blaine stands and grabs Kurt’s arms one more time, wraps himself around him in a supposedly comforting fashion. Kurt doesn’t hug back, just hangs there.

“Going down for the second half...I’ll be back. Hey.” Blaine leans away and reaches up for Kurt, tilts his chin down so their eyes can at least meet. Kurt looks pitiful, distant. Blaine presses his lips near Kurt’s ear and just breathes with him. “I could love you damn well, Kurt Hummel. You know I could.” Blaine kisses him once, and then he’s gone again.


After he’s done stewing for a while and drags himself up from the fetal position on his bed, Kurt wants to throw things. Big, breakable things. Feel them hit the wall, heavy and solid, watch their pieces come apart on impact and rain to the floor. But he’s not going to trash his own room. He settles for a long soak in the upstairs jacuzzi tub, a gingerbread bath bomb and The XX.

The house is quiet when Kurt pads from Carole’s carpeted master bath, wrapped in a huge lavender towel. There’s no din of the crowd roaring from Ohio State, no flickering light from the big screen. The game must be over, and Finn must have gone to bed, but it seems odd that Blaine would just...leave? When they’d been drinking beer? Kurt’s Sherlock sense is telling him something is afoot, but he just wants to shuffle back down to his basement, take an Ambien and sleep this night off.

...or not. He is stopped dead in his tracks by the sight of Finn and Blaine, sitting side by side on the end of his bed. He tilts his head and narrows his eyes, as if changing his visual acuity ever so slightly will somehow explain...what the actual fuck? “Finn, you aren’t even supposed to be in my room, so there’s that. Blaine...why do I have a feeling I will be describing this scene in great detail to a therapist one day...” Kurt notices now that Blaine’s arm is...ever so slightly behind Finn’s body, not exactly around him but near enough. He is about to explode again, all that relaxation and water, wasted...he squints at Blaine. ”Were you...kissing him???”

“No, absolutely not...we waited for you.”

Kurt’s eyes go huge and flat like a Murakami character as he catches Blaine’s drift. He can’t contain the breathy, audible gasp that escapes his gaping mouth, an incredulous, “HA!” as he brushes right past them, pretending that if he can just make it to his wardrobe and get into his pajamas this will all just disappear. A hand reaches out and grabs him by the wrist, strong, stopping him, pulling him back. It is not Blaine’s hand.

“’s cool.” Finn’s voice. This is not happening. Kurt closes his eyes and tries to count. He counts French irregular verbs, he counts the arrondisements of Paris, he counts the drawers in his bureau, still trying to mentally get himself safely into those pajamas. Another hand touches him now, taking his other wrist. This one is most definitely Blaine’s. Familiar, soft, careful, protective, he always thought, up until this very moment. He feels Blaine’s lips press to his thumb, to his wrist, turning his hand over to expose the soft, soft underside with its veins and pulse points. He kisses and flicks his tongue against the pale, papery skin there, and Finn is stroking, in a sort of clumsy, Finn-like way, up his bare forearm. Kurt takes a steadying breath and forces his eyes to open.

“You. Are. Both. Fucking. Insane.” is all he can think to say, but looking at them both there makes it harder to articulate with as much force as he’s sure he means. This isn’t just crazy it’s...wrong...gross. Isn’t it?

“Seriously what are you thinking? Is there a pamphlet in Ms. Pillsbury’s office called Threesomes: the Ultimate Brotherly Love!??? Because I definitely didn’t get that one.” Kurt is fuming and consumed and Blaine is snickering at him and slipping his hand under Kurt’s towel. “’re being hysterical. You’re only barely step-brothers. Come here,” Blaine urges, teasing at Kurt’s naked thigh with one hand and pulling him down by his arm with the other. Finn has an arm behind Kurt’s waist now and that’s enough leverage, and hell shit damn fuck all they’ve got him down on the bed. His own bed in his own room and there is no dignity in either the position they’ve got him in or the fact that Kurt’s cock betrays him the second his back hits the mattress, wedged in, half-hard and basically helpless between his (fucking asshole soon to be ex-) boyfriend and his...Finn. Whatever.

Blaine leans down close, petting his hair and neck lightly, soothing, and then Finn is leaning in too, his forehead against Kurt’s, breathing him in like he’s never even met this person before. Finn growls low in his ear and drags his hand over Kurt’s chest, tucks his thumb right under the edge of Kurt’s towel, not wasting any time, it seems, with things he might not understand about this but he obviously understands hand on dick = good.

Kurt sighs hard and turns to Blaine in a bit of a panic, and Blaine silences him with a hard, deep kiss, making sure to turn his face at the best angle so Finn can see, because he needs to see. Kurt’s cheeks hollow in with the force of sucking at Blaine’s tongue, he’s kissing him so hard, and then with a wet smack Blaine is pulling away, a hand from somewhere wedging against Kurt’s chin and turning him toward Finn. Blaine squirms his other arm free to press down where Finn’s hand is and nudges Kurt with his nose, “go on. We’re all gonna be in therapy for something anyway. Just kiss him. Look how bad he wants you to...”

Kurt’s eyes roll around in his head and he literally forces himself to turn, to look at Finn, and damn if Blaine wasn’t right because Finn is right there and his eyes are wild and his mouth is open, and the next thing Kurt knows he’s practically crying into Finn’s mouth, his eyes burning behind the lids and his throat making noises he can’t even recognize as his own. Distantly near his shoulder Kurt can hear Blaine gasping, “oh my god...yessssss,” and then he’s biting down onto Kurt’s neck, his chest, anywhere he can reach with his mouth from his bound up position.

Kurt is kind of bound up too, though barely covered still by the towel which is coming unwrapped with a little help from Blaine, but he wants to reach and grab and touch and somehow they’ve made it so he can’t, one arm under each of them. He squeals into Finn’s mouth and shakes himself free from the kiss, finally, gasping and looking Finn right in the eye.

“Why?” Is all he can manage at the moment, trying to catch his breath and holding him in his sights so he can’t twist away from one, simple question. Finn looks nervously to Blaine, who gives him nothing but a shoulder shrug and a flicker of his eyes down to Kurt as he pulls the last wrap of towel away and carefully takes Kurt into his hand. Finn stutters at the sight, swallows hard and looks quickly back up to Kurt’s face, mustering the only honest thing he can say at the moment.

“I need to know...and so do you.”

Kurt just stares at him, mouth agape and slowly nodding, then clenching suddenly and whining out one last logical syllable as Blaine closes his palm around his dick and pumps it, “please.”

It’s one simple word that can always spurn Blaine to action, and it does the trick, because he’s taking over and stroking Kurt and telling him over and over that he’s so good and they’re going to take such good care of him now. Blaine slides his jeans off and Finn easily follows suit, getting with the program when he sees the need on Kurt’s face, and realizes even an iota of the power he has here, and that he has to make this right. They stretch out alongside Kurt’s body, still holding him there with sinewy muscles, his wrists over his head.

Finn is quiet as he watches Kurt and Blaine kiss each other knowingly, little whimpers escaping both their mouths as they meld and release and fit back together once more, but makes satisfied little sounds when Blaine guides his hand to Kurt’s dick and wraps it around, letting Finn feel the pulsing, the blood and arousal. Blaine pulls away from kissing Kurt long enough to let out a string of expletives and Finn takes his place right away, tongue now sliding into Kurt’s waiting mouth like they’ve always done this, their lips familiar and he kisses so differently from Blaine, Kurt thinks, but it’s nice, to have the two to compare.

Finn is jerking him rough and steady and Blaine has leaned back, is devouring the whole thing with his eyes and occasionally giving his own obviously aching cock a squeeze. Kurt’s eyes go wide when he touches himself and he pulls away from Finn’s mouth, desperately meeting Blaine’s eyeline and lifting his chin in a silent plea that only Blaine understands. Blaine takes the fingers from his own dick and shoves them sloppily into Kurt’s mouth, right under Finn’s kiss and then they’re both just fucking his mouth with fingers and tongues and Kurt already thinks he is going to die from this, just this.

Blaine’s eyes are dark and glittering as he watches Kurt, watches Finn getting into this but he knows he can give him more. He drags one wet finger along the inside of Kurt’s cheek to get his attention, asks him with one raised eyebrow, “you want these, baby?” Kurt pulls away and lifts his head just slightly, nodding frantically and automatically adjusting his thighs, opening them and lifting his hips higher into Finn’s clutch. Blaine gives one quick glance to Finn and commands, simply, “watch...” before bringing his dripping wet fingers down and pressing them right up to Kurt’s ass. Finn’s jaw drops and Kurt just pleads, “yes, please, please Blaine,” and then with a smirk and a little flourish of Blaine’s wrist he’s got Blaine’s fingers inside him and Finn’s hand around his cock and it’s so, so good.

Kurt arches up off the bed, so full and so much pleasure he gets his upper body out of their hold, finally. He grinds himself in a slow circle onto Blaine’s fingers and wrenches up into Finn’s hand, both of them just staring and Blaine fumbling over the filthy things that just fall out of his mouth, unbidden. “What else, Kurt? What else are we going to do to you, hmmmm?” Blaine coaxes him, forcing him to formulate the words when it is impossible to even think through this.

“Kiss...kiss for me...please...” Kurt manages, and before he can even finish the please Blaine has his free hand around Finn’s neck and is pulling him in, right at Kurt’s eye level and giving him the most perfect look at their mouths meeting, and they really did wait for him because this is desperate, wanton kissing and they are completely new to each other. Kurt can barely even comprehend how hot it is to watch this, or how any of this happened, he’s just past the point of caring and he wants everything now.

He looks up at where they’re kissing right over him, and Blaine’s hand that isn’t in Kurt’s ass has brilliantly made it’s way to Finn’s cock,, Finn. Kurt relaxes a little and lowers himself back to the pillows, still thrusting into Finn’s hand but fascinated by the visual of Blaine’s hand wrapped around this other cock that’s not his, not Blaine’s own. Blaine pulls away from Finn with a sidelong glance at Kurt and a wicked grin - bastard knows exactly what he’s doing here - and rocks back onto his heels, giving Kurt just a little thrust from his fingers before carefully slipping them out, just to make sure he knows he hasn’t forgotten him.

“You want this, baby?” Blaine asks, all cute and innocent and the devil himself, taking hold of Finn’s cock again. “You want his big dick? You want mine? You want ‘em both, don’t you...I know you do,” Blaine is practically purring but he’s so damned filthy Kurt is absolutely crying and salivating now, and Finn is really quite a bit shocked himself. Blaine leans forward just a few inches and licks a curl of wetness right around the head of Finn’s dick and Finn and Kurt gasp in tandem. Blaine smiles sweetly and offers Kurt his free arm to pull himself up, then props some pillows behind Kurt so he can maneuver better.

Blaine sits back a minute and tries to cool off, just watches Kurt’s face, watches his eyes flutter shut as Finn pushes the head of his dick past his lips, watches Kurt’s eyes roll back and he savors the shiny drop of pre-come that he knows Blaine left just for him, watches Finn’s eyes snap closed and hears him gasp out, “oh, FUCK, Kurt, oh god,” as Kurt takes him down his throat.

Finn has had a couple of blow jobs before but this...Blaine knows exactly what he’s going through as Kurt’s cheeks hollow again, sucking Finn hard and dirty and getting one hand right up under his balls. “You’re so good, you’re soooo good baby,” Blaine coos at him, appreciating how careful Kurt is, just hitting that spot that every guy likes whether they will admit it or not, and not getting too close to his asshole to freak Finn out. Straight guys, Blaine thinks to himself with a laugh as he rolls over to find their stashed bottle of lube down beside the bed.

Finn is pretty big, it’s true, but Kurt wants to try something, just because he never has and when will he get the chance again? He reaches behind Finn and pulls at Blaine’s arm to stop him before he gets any lube on his cock, mumbling around his mouthful of Finn with spit running shiny down his chin, “come here.”

“Oh jesus...” Finn kind of grunts out as he figures out what’s happening and Blaine sidles up beside him with a nasty smirk on his face, but Kurt seems to want it and to be able to handle it, opening his mouth impossibly wide and Blaine’s dick is sliding right alongside Finn’s and oh fuck Finn can’t even watch or he’s going to come right now, and he thinks that’s probably bad form here. Blaine grabs him, a welcome distraction, actually, and kisses him nice and hard again, probably because he knows Kurt wants to see it, Finn thinks. (He’s right.)

Blaine is reaching down and touching Kurt’s face now, running his finger around his lips where they are stretched so, so taut around both of their cocks, telling him how good he looks like this, how good he’s going to look later with Blaine’s cock in his pretty ass...and Finn is just gone. His breathing goes all jumpy and shaky and Kurt’s mouth is working them both, his tongue frantic across both heads and the sensitive skin of their shafts rubbing together. He grabs hold of the base of his dick to hold off and Blaine braces himself, still in Kurt’s mouth, Finn rasping out, trying to warn them he’s too close, “oh god, Kurt, I can’t, if you don’t stop, I can’t, I...”

Blaine has a finger in Kurt’s mouth alongside his own dick and he curls it out, around Finn’s cock still so close he can feel it too, and helps Finn along, “so come...come on his face, you want that, right baby?”

Kurt can’t even whimper out a yessss type sound before Finn and Blaine’s fingers working him over the edge together have Finn gulping for air and shuddering, his orgasm warm and ropey all over Kurt’s face and neck and chest. He looks gorgeous and thoroughly slutty now, and Finn and Blaine both just stop to stare down at him, still lapping at the head of Blaine’s cock where it swirls with Finn’s come on his lips. Kurt only takes a tiny bit from the corner of his lips, pulling Blaine down to do the same, sampling from each other’s tongues and passing Finn’s flavor back and forth. Finn watches with a sort of fascination at how intimate it is, then stretches out alongside Kurt to recuperate.

Blaine knows Kurt doesn’t like to swallow much of it, and definitely doesn’t like cold semen on his skin, so he grabs the towel they had pushed off of Kurt’s hips when this all began. He’s wiping Kurt down, carefully avoiding his dick, when he notices Finn is curled into Kurt’s body, one hand around his neck as they kiss again, slowly and tenderly this time, almost sweetly. He can’t help but smile, and stretches out behind Kurt, fitting up against his body and feeling them both moving together. It’s slower, and nice, and Finn takes Kurt in his hand again, Kurt reaching lazily around behind himself for Blaine, all of them finding a nice rhythm of kissing and squeezing and pushing back against the other.

Blaine knows Kurt still needs more though, and fumbles around in the completely annihilated sheets for the lube he dropped some time ago. He fiddles with the cap and finally gets it open, puts enough in his hand for about three fingers, and curls up against Kurt. He doesn’t have to say a word, and Kurt is pressing up against him, opening and begging and Blaine knows he could just go for it, but he’s trying to play nice.

“Do you want Finn to do this, baby? Tell us what you want, we’re still here for you. Anything you want, gorgeous,” Blaine rasps into Kurt’s neck and ear. Kurt shivers at the feel of his breath, strains his neck all the way around to let Blaine into his mouth, kissing him deeply again but trying to stay where Finn can touch him too. Finn groans as he starts to feel the first little twitches that he might get hard again one day, reaches for Kurt again and asks, whispering, pressing the words against his lips, “what do you want me to do? Tell’s all ok...just tell me...”

Kurt is practically shaking he has been on edge and needing to come, or get fucked, or something, anything, for so long. His voice cracks a little but he can do this, he can ask for anything and he knows they will give it to him. “I want your fingers, yeah...and Blaine’s...oh god...” Before he can even finish the thought Blaine is flipping him over, pulling him up onto his thighs where they can get to him best, and bringing Finn’s hands with him.

Finn strokes his palms over Kurt’s ass and wow, how had he never noticed how beautiful this ass was before? Blaine notices and meets his gaze with a grin, pouring some lube onto Finn’s fingers and raising an eyebrow to say, I know, right? Blaine leans over and grabs Finn’s lips in a kiss, feeling a little needy himself right now and thinking about Finn’s mouth and Finn’s big cock...maybe another time. “You ever done this before?” Blaine asks, their hands slipping together over the roundness of Kurt’s ass before Blaine deftly slips the tips of his fingers between Kurt’s cheeks, spreading them enough that Finn can see and feel what he’s meant to do before he can even shake his head no to Blaine. Blaine gives Kurt’s ass one hard smack with his other hand and Kurt obediently tilts his hips and ass up in response, giving them both a better angle as Blaine slides one finger inside. “ that...just right next to mine.”

And then Finn’s doing it and it’s so slick and tight and warm; “whoa,” he says kind of dumbly as he slips inside Kurt’s body. Blaine smiles and starts twisting his second finger into position as Kurt pushes back against them, groaning full on now and trying to balance on his elbows and forehead so he can look behind and see what they’re doing to him, to each other. Finn totally gets this and shuffles in closer to Blaine, opens his mouth to kiss him again when he knows Kurt can see and Kurt just whines at the sight, the two of them fingerlocked inside him, tongues in each other’s mouths and he can’t take much more of this. He fucks himself back on their fingers and is near screaming when he begs Blaine to fuck him, please.

“One more, baby? Can you take four?” Kurt growls as Finn works his second finger into him and he’s definitely ready now, god, please. Blaine slides one finger out at a time, achingly slow, and pushes one more of Finn’s in to replace them so he can go grab a condom. It’s hard to leave Kurt like that, even for a second, but he knows, watching Finn’s hand half inside him and the way he strokes Kurt with his other fingertips, and kisses his neck and cheeks, that he’s ok.

Blaine comes back and crawls across the bed on his knees, stopping just briefly to sink his mouth onto Finn’s cock, now fully hard again. Kurt and Finn both cry out, loudly, for very different reasons, but Blaine just can’t help himself. He looks up at Finn through dark eyelashes, pulling of his dick with a wet pop and that damn smile again, and yeah, Finn can see how this guy gets away with so much. Finn sucks in a breath and holds it as Blaine rips open the condom, rolls it down on himself, and moves to get himself where Finn’s fingers have been.

Blaine lines himself up and Kurt pushes back as Finn pulls out, and oh god, there, finally, they all three literally gasp as Blaine sinks deep inside him. Kurt is squirming and pushing back with every tiny thrust that Blaine makes, teasing him with his cock and Kurt can’t reach Finn from this position and he is so not having it. Kurt starts pushing up on his knees a bit, struggling through the motions as Blaine is settling into properly fucking him now, and gasps out, “I want to ride you, wanna sit on your dick, oh god Blaine,” and then Blaine is swinging their bodies around and Kurt is lifting up and ohhhh, there, fuck, he lets out a slow hiss as he sinks down onto Blaine all the way, reaching for Finn and pulling him right in and taking him deep in his mouth, and, he’s full. And it’s so good.

Kurt’s mouth is full and wet and he sucks noisily at Finn’s cock as Blaine alternates pulling Kurt onto him by his hips and thrusting up into him. Kurt stops for a second, turning to kiss Blaine, deep and dirty and letting him taste Finn in his mouth before turning back to his cock. “Finn, Finn fuck my mouth...yeah, fuck, like that,” Kurt demands and Blaine groans at hearing him talk that way and at watching Finn speed up his thrusts, holding Kurt’s head and giving him what he asks for as Blaine fucks up into him hard, little jolts from his hips and thighs that send electric sparks snapping all the way up Kurt’s body.

Blaine knows from the sounds Kurt makes even around Finn’s dick that he can’t last much longer, and brings one hand from his hip to wrap loosely around Kurt’s cock. Finn is looking down at his cock in Kurt’s lips again and tracing the shape, and notices what Blaine is doing, reaching down to twine their slippery fingers around Kurt, letting his thrusting set the pace as he fucks himself into their hands and onto Blaine, Blaine holding him tight now and pleading into his ear, his voice shot and gravelly, “come on’ve been so, so good, come for us now, baby.”

Kurt’s cries grow higher and whinier and Blaine coaxes him and Finn leans over and kisses Blaine once more, then Kurt, hard, and their fingers squeeze around him and Blaine rocks into him one last time with Finn’s tongue twisting against his own, Kurt buckles nearly in half as he comes harder than either of them have ever seen, his ass clenching and throbbing around Blaine so hard he screams “oh, fuck, Kurt” and comes too, the warm feeling filling Kurt inside even as his dick is still pulsing, pumping warm and white on Finn’s chest, on himself. Kurt can’t even move but somehow Blaine has to get out of him or he knows it’s going to hurt them both. He rests his forehead on Kurt’s shoulder for just a moment and then carefully, holding the condom on at the base of his cock, painstakingly lifts Kurt off and into Finn’s arms. They lay him down gently, Blaine doing his best with the come-messy towel from earlier, but knowing Kurt will be up and in the shower in a short time anyway.

Blaine isn’t too shot to overlook a still hard cock when he sees one, and once Kurt seems settled, he pulls Finn down, settles him next to Kurt and goes down on him pretty fucking masterfully. Kurt stirs a little bit when Finn is clenching teeth and fists right beside him, obviously getting close. He manages to sit halfway up, grins at Blaine weakly, “not without me you don’t,” before joining him, both of them lowering their mouths over Finn, sucking and sharing until he finally comes again, Kurt kissing and licking around Blaine’s mouth as he swallows him all neatly down.


Kurt is already getting anxious about showering, stripping his sheets and getting them in the wash, and doesn’t really want to deal with the next awkward five minutes at all.

“So...when exactly are our parents getting back?” Kurt groans and elbows Finn off the bed for that. Blaine dissolves in a fit of inappropriate giggles and cowers under a pillow.

“Tomorrow. And I go back to Dalton tomorrow, so don’t worry. You won’t see me again until, like, Easter,” Kurt jokes, already pulling the sheets out from under Blaine so he can get them in the wash.

Finn looks at Kurt seriously, and truly surprises him by leaning down and kissing him fondly, just on the side of his mouth. “Hey...I don’t regret it. I better see you sooner than Easter.” Kurt smiles back and nods softly in agreement as Finn makes his way up the steps, yelling over his shoulder as he leaves,

“Later, Blaine.”

“Hey, later man, good game!” Blaine calls out, still delirious with giggles under the covers. Kurt rolls his eyes and falls, exhausted, next to his boyfriend, poking him in the ribs. That doesn’t help the giggling at all. Blaine pulls him close and tries to make him lay still, kissing his damp hair.

“Don’t even think you are sleeping in that mess, come on...up, up, shower, clean sheets...” Kurt trails off, sleepy in Blaine’s arms and losing his resolve.



“It was always you, Blaine.”

“Mmmmm. I know, baby. I know.”

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